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  1. Navigation
  2. App information, which contains:
    • Icon
    • Name
    • Developer name
    • Short, one-sentence content ratings
    • Average review star ratings
    • Total number of reviews
    • Price button
  3. Screenshots
    There should be a rule as to how screenshots are arranged (what’s the image ordering scheme) and displayed (landscape, portrait, mixed; different devices; etc.)? Currently, it doesn’t exist.
    • Directional arrow appears when there are more screenshots than those that can fit inside the space. Use the arrow – or swipe – to navigate through the screenshot carousel.
    • Every tap/click of the directional arrow scrolls to the next screenshot in queue.
  4. Description
  5. Updates
    Appears below description in all layouts.
  6. Reviews, which contains:
  7. Rating, which contains:
    • Ratings image
    • Auxiliary descriptions
    • Auxiliary images
  8. More information, which contains:
    • Developer name
    • Category(s)
    • Date of last update
    • Version
    • Compatibility
    • Languages
    • Release notes
  9. Tools, which contains:


  • Navigation
    Has a back arrow that leads to the previous page when selected.
  • Reviews
    Contains 2 reviews.



  • Navigation
    Like the Tablet layout, contains breadcrumb navigation links that leads to the parent pages when selected. Breadcrumb has the same order as the Tablet layout.
  • Description
    Appears below screenshots, on the left column
  • Reviews
    • Contains 6 reviews, divided over 2 columns, with 3 reviews in each column
    • Each review has an avatar
  • Rating
    Ratings image is located to the left of auxiliary descriptions. Auxiliary images are located below them.