App Details → View All Reviews

Provides a way to display all reviews that has been written about an app, as well as to write a new review.

To access this page, select either the average review star or the total number of review, on the Review area inside the App Details page.

This interface contains:

  1. Navigation: back button on the Mobile layout, and breadcrumb links on the Tablet and Desktop layouts
  2. Individual Review, which contains:
    • User star rating
    • Username
    • Review text
    • A link to report an individual review, which contains these buttons:
      • Spam or otherwise non-review content
      • Inappropriate language/dialog
      • Misplaced bug report or support request
      • Cancel
    • Review timestamp
  3. Write a Review button: displays the write review interface.
  4. More button: displays the next 20 reviews.