Search Results → Populated, List Layout

Every search result page defaults to using the list layout, unless changed to the gallery layout.

  1. Device filter dropdown menu: refine search to apps made for a specific screen size.
    After selecting an option, the search results page refreshes.
    The available options are:
    • My devices (default option): the screen size that this option selects is eliminated from the list.
    • Mobile
    • Tablet
    • Desktop
  2. Layout switch: list or gallery layout.
  3. App listing, each of which contains:
    • First column: App icon
    • Second column: App name, Developer name, Rating, Star rating
    • Third column: App description (limited to display how many characters?)
    • Fourth column: Download/buy button

Mobile and Tablet

App listing: displays unlimited rows of app listing, loading new ones on scrolldown.


  1. App listing: displays 8 search results at a time.
  2. Related collections: 3 collections.
  3. Navigation: select the left/right arrow, or use the dots to display the next/previous 8 search results.